When Retirement Throws You A Curve Ball

small__6179764093Ah baseball season is finally here; time to enjoy some hot dogs, peanuts, and all the game day favorites. Our beloved Mud Hens are ready to take the field next week and are ready for another amazing season. 

We hope to see many of our Toledo Free Press friends on Thursday, April 11th for the 5 PM game.  The players have been practicing for months getting ready for not only the opening day, but for a winning season.  Hopefully, they are ready for a few curve balls.  Planning for retirement takes just as much work if not more and all Investors should use these tips to plan for the next curve ball. 

Get in shape before game time.  Luckily, for baseball players they know the exact time of when they will play their first game and when the season will end.  Planning for retirement isn’t that easy.  Not only does the opening day for most retiree’s vary, so does figuring out when the season will be over.  The good news is every Investor can still benefit from conditioning and training just like the Pros.  The way an Investor can accomplish this is to prepare ahead of time, don’t just think of retirement as a point in your life, plan for the entire journey. 


Focus on what you are aiming to achieve.  I know the goal seems so simple, just win.  And yes winning, is the outcome every player wants.  But in retirement what does winning mean to you?  It isn’t usually the score at the end of the game.  Most people, except a few raving fans, can’t even remember the final stats of last year’s baseball season.  What we often remember is the experience we had during the game.  The same is true when it comes to retirement time.  I recently talked with a retiree who told me he had a meeting scheduled in Tower 2 of the World Trade Center on September 11th, but didn’t go because he was sick that day.  He has had the same financial challenges all of us have had over the past decade, but instead took that defining moment in life and retired from his 9 to 5 job to live his life with purpose.   

Have the right equipment.  Imagine showing up to the baseball game next week and the players only have 1 bat and 1 glove.  That would be crazy.  The same is true when it comes to retirement planning.  A successful retirement takes a lot of equipment.  What we as The Retirement Guys recommend is the average Investor focus on the equipment they will need to manage their money, protect their assets, and efficiently plan their estate.  The average investor should review all of their equipment before moving into retirement. 

Work with a coach.  Think about the level of skill most players have today.  They are incredible, yet they all work with a coach to get even better.  I, Nolan, have a college degree in Financial Management and have spent nearly 20 years focused on finances.  Yet, I still rely on others when it comes to areas of finance that I don’t feel I’m a specialist in.  I surround myself with people that are smarter than I am in areas that I’m weak at, so the net result is better than I could achieve by myself.  Think of your money the same way.  Focus on taking care of what you are great at and hire a coach to help keep you on track and to look for ways to always be improving.        

Get prepared to hit a home run when retirement throws you a curve ball.  It’s retirement; this is the time to step up to the plate and swing for the fences.  Retirement could be years away, right around the corner, or could be right now, either way; you can still decide the final outcome.  What we, as The Retirement Guys, would tell you is enjoy the moment.  Don’t just be a spectator and buy the hot dog or peanuts, but get in the game.  Doing so could help give you the life you always dreamed of.      

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