Life Is For Living

If you found out you only had a month left to live how would you spend that time? At first you might want to just close the blinds and be mad at the world. At times you might pray to God and thank him for all of the wonderful things you experienced in life. You […]

Hope For A New Season (Of Life)

If you know me (Mark) very well, you know that I am a big sports fan and a lifelong fan of all Detroit sports teams,  especially the Detroit Tigers.  This is obvious when you come into my office, sit down and look up at the wall and notice the many framed photos of me and […]

Your Dog Loves You

Let me (Mark) tell you about my dog, Max. About 11 years ago, a friend of ours had gotten this cute white puffball of a dog he named Murphy and we thought it would be cool to get one just like it.  So we made a trip to see Murphy’s “brother.” The “breeder” turned out […]

Living life to the fullest

Live it up. Get out there and do it.  If you believe in God, I (Mark) don’t think he intended us to sit around and mope and never do anything fun. I think he created this world partly for our enjoyment. Whether you believe in creation or not, it’s a big world out there with […]

Finding Value

Nolan Baker and Mark Clair presents Finding Value, the 2014 Economic Summit, with special guest Richard Stegman and Darren Munn. During this Economic Summit you’ll learn about: Adding Value in Your Life… Plan confidence implementation Making the financial move Protecting your recent gains What’s Financially Important? Finding value for portfolio optimization Growth vs. value Comprehending […]

The Big Fumble

“Fumble!”  Whenever this cry is heard in a football game, there is a mad scramble for the ball.  Players are diving to the ground and wrestling each other for the football.  The fans hold their breath as they wait to see who emerges from the pile with the ball.  While the referees pull players off […]

Santa Claus is Coming!

His laugh sure is hearty…so we thought we would invite him to our party! The Retirement Guys of Northwest Ohio are pleased to invite our family of clients to our Children’s Holiday Party Friday, December 13, 2013 5:30 p.m. to 8 p.m.  The event will take place at the Retirement Resource Center of NW Ohio […]

Send a Blessing

We can’t send them a turkey dinner, but we can send our adopted platoon members a “piece” of home with a gift of a NEW DVD and popcorn! Please join the Retirement Guys Community Give Back Initiative to sponsor 39 brave men and women currently serving our Country overseas in the military.  If you would […]

Hello New Shoes, Bye-Bye Blues

Do you know the feeling you get when you put on a pair of new shoes?  Paolo Nutini in his song “New Shoes” says, “Hey, I put some new shoes on and suddenly everything is right.”  When you get those new shoes, you feel good, you feel fresh, and you have a spring in your […]