The Danger of Political Promises

We wish the next President the best and hope they do what they can to make America stronger and safer for not only next year, but for generations to come. At the same time, we realize that often what our political leaders say in public speeches and what becomes a reality are often too different […]

Declare Your Financial Independence

This summer, the Retirement Guys have had a major focus on the phrase “Be Free.” We’ve asked our clients, “what does ‘Be Free’ mean to you?” We supported the Wounded Warrior Softball Team in their visit to Toledo, and we also spoke about gaining financial independence at our Biannual Economic Summit. Summer will be winding […]

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Conservative, Moderate, Aggressive – What does it all mean?

I am sure at one point you have been asked the question, “Are you a conservative, moderate, or aggressive investor?” You might be thinking “I have a long investment time frame, I don’t want to be too aggressive with my retirement money …so I must be moderate!” Other times, when the markets head south, you might […]

Is Your Income In Retirement Protected Adequately?

We’ve been discussing in recent columns the importance of creating a written retirement income plan. Identify what is important in life and use the right investment tools to accomplish those goals by producing as much cash flow as possible. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, bank products and alternatives such as real estate and precious metals […]

Have a Written Retirement Income Plan?

  What Tools Can You Use to Grow Your Money? If you think about your money and the idea of retirement, where can you put it to help you reach your goal? We ask folks this question as they come to us to form a retirement plan, and we get a variety of answers. Here […]

Today’s Retirement – History Repeats Itself

For years we have been talking about how things aren’t like they used to be.  That applies to numerous areas in life, like technology, healthcare, automobiles, and yes even retirement planning.  A number of these changes have made planning for life harder, but countless others have made planning, preparing, and enjoying retirement a great deal […]

Concerned About Outliving Your Income?

One of the biggest concerns a retiree has is outliving his or her income. In financial terms that is called a longevity risk. It can be hard for a family to figure out how much they will need to have saved up because we never know how long someone will live. No matter how many […]

Fool’s Gold

One thing I, Nolan, look forward to each year is a family vacation together.  This year, we decided to take a cruise to Alaska.  Basically no internet, no cell phones, no technology, just family time watching nature, playing card games, and spending time together.  It was a once in a lifetime trip. In planning out […]

Life Insurance Strategies Start With Saving

More than 20 years ago, a month after I turned 18, I, Nolan, got licensed to sell life insurance. I knew I wanted to get into the financial services business after my parents taught me to start investing at the early age of 12. My parents also had some friends that were in the financial […]

Avoid Retirement Mistakes

Often a retiree’s biggest concern is running out of money.  This is the case for people with an average amount of savings to those with a large nest egg.  I, Nolan, recently met Tom Hegna author of Retirement Income Masters and he described it best about the fear of running out of money.  He said […]