Get Financially Fit In A Hurry

By: The Retirement Guys Nolan Baker, Investment Professional & Mark Clair, Estate Planning Attorney The start of the New Year is gone and many are back focused on daily routines as the holiday parties have come to an end.  Many made New Year’s resolutions on things to personally improve on.  For some, like Mark, sticking […]

The Buck Stops Here

By: The Retirement Guys Nolan Baker, Investment Professional & Mark Clair, Estate Planning Attorney Recently, the Retirement Guys had an opportunity to attend a business conference in the city of San Diego.  It was sure nice to get a break from the cold weather we have been experiencing here in Toledo.  The temperatures were in […]


To Roth or Not To Roth, That Is The Question

By: The Retirement Guys Nolan Baker, Investment Professional & Mark Clair, Estate Planning Attorney One very important tax law change to pay attention to this year is the rule changes that apply to Roth IRA’s.  This year the income limitation goes away so almost everyone can take advantage of the Roth IRA and for this […]

Most Inspiring Tough Times Stories of 2009

Despite struggling, these people found ways to strive. By Alina Larson Most of us have been touched by the recession in some way. In the past year, we’ve seen job loss, savings shrivel, foreclosures, and severe cuts in social services. But we’ve also witnessed the ingenuity and generosity of the human spirit, exemplified in these […]

Olympic Inspiration

Enjoy these inspirational shots of Olympic athletes and events, direct from the Winter Games, courtesy of photographer Andrew Burton. Andrew has captured the beauty, grace and athletic prowess of the athletes and the uplifting message of individuals who are putting their heart and soul into doing their best. View Source


Should you leave your 401(k) when you leave your job?

Written by Nolan Baker Mark Clair | | Growing up, some aspects of my life have seemed like they came from the movie “Cocktail.” For those who haven’t seen the movie or don’t remember it, the movie is about two guys growing up and trying to take the world by storm. The journey shaped […]


Beneficiary Mistakes Can Cost Your Family A Fortune

Written by Nolan Baker Mark Clair | | Beneficiary designations are important in determining where certain assets of an estate will end up. Many think that a will or trust is what determines where everything goes. This is not necessarily true, and it’s a big mistake to make this assumption. A last will and […]


Bad Investment Moves You Should Avoid.

The emotional roller coaster continues as wild ride on Wall Street continues. Many have moved past the panic stage with their investments and into a depression mode, while others got a bit of confidence back on Tuesday when the Dow Jones rallied 379 points. It seems like a lot of the decisions many investors made […]


The Retirement Savings Time Bomb, And How To Defuse It.

Do you have a Retirement Account? If you have a 401k, 403b, 457 or IRA, then you have been able to take advantage of a wonderful thing called tax deferral.  Uncle Sam allows retirement account holders to defer paying income taxes until the age of 70 ½ or when they start withdrawing from that account, whichever […]