One Smart Cookie

How a teenager who helped the homeless became a successful entrepreneur. By Jill Sheiman as told to William Deerfield, Fairfield, Connecticut   People are surprised when they learn I have my own cookie business, with my own name on the packages and a contract with a bakery. After all, I’m only 16 years old and still […]


Golf’s Ultimate Equipment Guide for 2010

There are 94 products profiled in this, our seventh annual Hot List. How did we get here? It’s the culmination of a year’s worth of investigation, including unbiased input from a team of 32 players, teachers, golf retailers and scientists during two weeks of testing in Mesquite, Nevada. Their advice, along with mountains of technical […]


Titling Accounts Incorrectly Could Be A Financial Disaster

Written by Nolan Baker Mark Clair | | A couple of years ago, an elderly lady came in to talk about her estate plan and have her documents reviewed. She had set up a living trust years ago and wanted to make sure everything was up-to-date. We looked over her documents for her and […]


A will? Or a trust?

Written by Nolan Baker Mark Clair | If you are like most that are long overdue to get your estate plan done, or perhaps it is done but it is very out of date, one of the common questions asked is “do I need a will or a trust?” First, let’s define what a […]


Ready, Set, Retire

Written by Nolan Baker Mark Clair | Toledo jobs are still hard to find as unemployment levels continue to hit record highs. According to the most recent numbers posted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics over 44,000 Toledoans suffer from unemployment. That is a 10 percent increase from the month before with 13.6 percent […]


Get Financially Fit In A Hurry

By: The Retirement Guys Nolan Baker, Investment Professional & Mark Clair, Estate Planning Attorney The start of the New Year is gone and many are back focused on daily routines as the holiday parties have come to an end.  Many made New Year’s resolutions on things to personally improve on.  For some, like Mark, sticking […]

The Buck Stops Here

By: The Retirement Guys Nolan Baker, Investment Professional & Mark Clair, Estate Planning Attorney Recently, the Retirement Guys had an opportunity to attend a business conference in the city of San Diego.  It was sure nice to get a break from the cold weather we have been experiencing here in Toledo.  The temperatures were in […]


To Roth or Not To Roth, That Is The Question

By: The Retirement Guys Nolan Baker, Investment Professional & Mark Clair, Estate Planning Attorney One very important tax law change to pay attention to this year is the rule changes that apply to Roth IRA’s.  This year the income limitation goes away so almost everyone can take advantage of the Roth IRA and for this […]

Most Inspiring Tough Times Stories of 2009

Despite struggling, these people found ways to strive. By Alina Larson Most of us have been touched by the recession in some way. In the past year, we’ve seen job loss, savings shrivel, foreclosures, and severe cuts in social services. But we’ve also witnessed the ingenuity and generosity of the human spirit, exemplified in these […]