Is Your Income In Retirement Protected Adequately?

We’ve been discussing in recent columns the importance of creating a written retirement income plan. Identify what is important in life and use the right investment tools to accomplish those goals by producing as much cash flow as possible. Stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, bank products and alternatives such as real estate and precious metals […]

Have A Written Retirement Income Plan? (Part 2)

  In part one of our series on having a written retirement income plan, we outlined specific tools (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, annuities, banking products, etc.) that can be used as part of the planning process. We also highlighted the importance of focusing on what is important. The tools are just the vehicles to help an […]

Have a Written Retirement Income Plan?

  What Tools Can You Use to Grow Your Money? If you think about your money and the idea of retirement, where can you put it to help you reach your goal? We ask folks this question as they come to us to form a retirement plan, and we get a variety of answers. Here […]

Today’s Retirement – History Repeats Itself

For years we have been talking about how things aren’t like they used to be.  That applies to numerous areas in life, like technology, healthcare, automobiles, and yes even retirement planning.  A number of these changes have made planning for life harder, but countless others have made planning, preparing, and enjoying retirement a great deal […]

Your Dog Loves You

Let me (Mark) tell you about my dog, Max. About 11 years ago, a friend of ours had gotten this cute white puffball of a dog he named Murphy and we thought it would be cool to get one just like it.  So we made a trip to see Murphy’s “brother.” The “breeder” turned out […]

Concerned About Outliving Your Income?

One of the biggest concerns a retiree has is outliving his or her income. In financial terms that is called a longevity risk. It can be hard for a family to figure out how much they will need to have saved up because we never know how long someone will live. No matter how many […]

Retirement Wonder Diet

Time Is Flying By Another year has come and gone and as always, it seems that time continues to fly by.  I (Mark) was thinking about it being 2015 and was reminded of way back when, that I wondered what the year 2000 would be like.  What would I be doing?  How successful would my […]

Year-end Investment Deadlines

In just a few short weeks we will be ringing in another new year. If you are like us, this year has just flown by. Certain type of investment decisions need to be made in order to take advantage of this year’s taxes.  Here is a guide and what you might need to do. Required […]

Create A Written Investment Plan

You started investing for a reason. The goal was to build a savings account for a rainy day. To gain financial freedom and be able to retire one day could be the goal. Or the goal could be a retiree investing to generate income. Determining the reason to invest and what to buy is often […]

5 Tips To Help Efficiently Plan Your Estate

In the last couple weeks we have written articles for the Toledo Free Press called 5 Tips To Help You Prepare for Retirement and 5 Tips To Help Protect Your Retirement Assets (Check them out at  Here is part 3 of our three part series that focuses on The Retirement Guys 3-part process called The […]