The Retirement Guys Formula

“We are here for your entire retirement.” 

It started as a mission written on a single piece of paper: Educate all Americans on how to be financially independent. The founder, Nolan Baker, wanted to create one location to help families close to or in retirement coordinate their entire financial plan. This could be accomplished by having a T.E.A.M approach to focus on taxes, estate planning, asset protection, and money management. Thus, the vision was born, and The Retirement Guys Formula claimed independence by launching a network with other professionals across the United States.

We declare this your day of independenceand works to bring together like-minded investment professionals to share valuable financial resources to create a custom plan foreach family we serve.

“When I decided to launch The Retirement Guys Formula , I looked back on what really makes America, well, America,” says Nolan Baker, Investment Advisor Representative with the Retirement Guys Formula. He continues, “It instantly led us back to the famous words of the Declaration of Independence, which declares our unalienable rights to ‘life, liberty,
and the pursuit of happiness.’” As a veteran of the United States Marine Corps, he realized that most Americans’ happiness in retirement depends heavily on having a disciplined approach to providing for their families. “I want to educate families on smart, efficient ways to plan for retirement,” continued Mr. Baker. “What better way to do so than by making this knowledge more readily available with a team of professionals?”

I knew that one individual could not take on this task alone; not one person can be the specialistin all the areas that impact a family’s financial picture. Creating our company and then surrounding ourselves with like-minded professionals gave us the ability to have all the key professionals working on the same plan and helping the client move in the right direction.

Through our network, we team up and can bring in outside professionals to make our headquarters one location to take care of everything for a family who is close to or in retirement.

Meet The Team

We’ve really championed the “live life to the fullest” philosophy here. Isn’t that what retirement is all about? We want our clients to be able to go out there and enjoy life!

Cindy Westlake | Receptionist

kelly_newWe take things slow here; have several meetings in order to explain the reasoning behind our recommendations. We don’t just tell you, “This is what you’re supposed to do.” We explain why.

Karen Baker | Director of Operations

kelly_newOur clients simply don’t have time for the old agent-to-agent model of financial planning. They’re seeing the value of working with a full-service team, under one roof, devoted to their needs.

Tami Bombick | Client Services Representative

taraWe believe in not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Even more so, we believe that your baskets should be working together in synchronization with specific goals in mind. THAT’S what you get when your advisors collaborate.

Courtney Molnar | Executive Assistant to Nolan Baker

People from all over Northwest Ohio have picked us. Maybe it’s our infectious passion for helping our clients reach their goals or maybe it’s because they want an agency that actually gets to know them on a personal level. I’m thinking it’s both.

Holly Kosmider | Administrative Assistant

Sharing an office with Camelot Portfolios, our clients have access to one of the only companies in Northwest Ohio with publicly traded funds. This helps our clients get a better understanding of their investment plan, and they are invited to our economic update meetings twice a year.

Eric Glover | RIA Operations